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Simply find your device and answer a few easy questions.

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It’s free. Send us your device using our prepaid Canada Post Expedited shipping label and kit.

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Between cheque, Interac E-Transfer or PayPal. We pay as soon as we’ve received and inspected your phone(s).

Why choose Go-Recell?

Service Minded

Broken Devices

Broken screen? Water damage? We buy phones and tablets in all conditions.

Data Security

Each phone will have its data completely wiped by a qualified technician upon inspection. Data destruction certificates are available for enterprise customers.

Bulk Sales

Do you have multiples phones to sell? We buy in all quantities! Please contact us and let us know more details about what you have!

What People are Saying

Hassle free service! Quickly got a quote on their website for two devices. Shortly after accepting their offer I received a prepaid envelope to send the phones in and two days later received a E-mail money transfer. Depending on your device this company might give you just as much as selling it on a classified website.

Guy L

Smashed my phone. Got a new one. Instead of tossing it or putting it in a drawer, I got some cash. Very easy process.

Andrew S

This is a great service. Easy to use. Got my money in less than two days.

David B-Q

Gorecell was perfect for me. I got a fair price for my phone, they made it possible for me to send in my phone easily and they reimbursed me promptly. It all happened within the same week!

Linda G

So easy. They sent me an envelope, I sent my phone, and I was paid within a day of my phone getting to them. Thanks!

Bryce W

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