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About Us

We offer a fair-market price to consumers for the purchase of their old cell phones. It’s truly a ‘Win-Win’ scenario for both consumers and the environment.

Stefan Geertsen Founder

Our History

Go-Recell was started from scratch by Stefan Geertsen in December 2013 soon after graduating from University (Concordia). He acquired most of his business knowledge by working for over 5 years at his father’s company in the business telecom industry. Go-Recell started out by focusing on cell phone buybacks for businesses; and after much success, decided to also expand their services to individuals starting with the revamping of their website in October 2014.  Continuing to grow throughout the years, they have moved their physical office downtown Montreal where customers can come sell or buy their pre-owned devices directly in person. If you have any questions, it would be our pleasure to answer them! Contact us.

Our Mission

"Recommerce" industry

Go-Recell is at the forefront of the cell phone & electronics “recommerce” industry in Canada, delivering a proven method for re-selling used cell phones to thousands of consumers and non-profit groups nationwide.

Environment in mind

This strategy provides a fair-market price to consumers for the purchase of their old cell phones. It also minimizes unused cell phones from being dumped into public landfills, where their toxic components could pollute precious groundwater supplies and poison the local ecosystem. As a result, this unique business model is truly a ‘Win-Win’ scenario for both consumers and the environment.

Meet our team

Stefan Geertsen


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Youssef Jebboury


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François B.

Internal Operations

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Christine B.

Senior Tech Specialist

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John-David R.

Tech Specialist

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François M.-D.,

Payments Specialist

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Read our reviews

I bought a couple of used cellphones from GoRecell. Both cellphones were advertised as "Very Good" and the description was accurate for both cellphones. While both devices were used, they actually looked new. There was no problem setting up the cellphones and all files and apps transferred without any issue. It is obvious that the cellphones passed a thorough inspection before they were put on sale and the specs are really good even if they are not the more popular brands. I also saved several hundred dollars as the cellphones would have cost more new. Lastly, I got a good price on a used cellphone that I sold to GoRecell. And as for the people at GoRecell, they were quick to respond, polite and sent me my cellphones in next to no time. Highly recommended.
Joselito F.
I have used Go Recell a few times before, and as always they provided exceptional service. They are honest and give a fair deal! They were also prompt in checking out my iPad and sending the money. I will definitely use them again and again.
Tracy P.
Exceptional service.Everything I researched about your company was true to word and better.A price that was quoted I received within a day of you receiving my I pad. I will recommend to friends of your service and definitely deal with you again.
Denage S.
Initially a bit skeptical as the process was too..simple. The website has no account creation so it looked a bit shady.. Anyway after the quoted price they sent a package with a Canada post label and I sent my phone with it . Three days …
Bob A.
Google Plus
Great Service! Super quick and reliable! I received the exact amount by e-transfer that I was expecting with absolutely no hassle. I would definitely recommend to others!
Carling L
Google Plus
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